God Is up to something

All within 30 to 60 minutes… Dream Life Center Of Canton, Michigan, with President and CEO Evangelist Bonnie Baker; organized and put into action a 1000 box food give away- to be delivered to Redeeming Faith International Ministries Inc. of Greenville NC; Bishop Frederick Hopkins and senior Pastor Hattie Hopkins. To distributed to the community and surrounding areas. To help meet the needs of families, during this Covid -19 pandemic… RFIM was excited.

The Driver drove all night for 17 hours from the food bank to bring a truck loaded with 25 pallets of fruits and vegetables. Thank the Lord!!! Glory to God for the favor!!! Hallelujah!!!

Redeeming Faith International Ministries was able to give away free to 500 plus families food for their families. Some came walking (no car in family), saying no one in the house was working, some came pulling carts to carry food boxes (no car), they were crying saying they had no food (our hearts were full, at the sheer need), others driving to get food boxes. To God be all the God !!!